For the past several months, Michelle and I have been sensing God doing a new thing in our hearts. We have wrestled quite a bit to understand exactly what that is.

We are constantly trying to follow His lead in our lives in all that we do — no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. It’s not always easy to step out into the unknown, and isn’t always easy to make a change. Yet, the one thing we have learned through the years, is that following Jesus and His leading is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

One of our favorite songs over the past few years is called Your Promises (Elevation Worship). The lyrics in Verse 2 and the Chorus have always greatly resonated with us…

“As I walk into the days to come
I will not forget what You have done
For You have supplied my every need
And Your presence is enough for me

Doesn’t matter what I feel, doesn’t matter what I see
My hope will always be, In Your promises to me
Now I’m casting out all fear, for Your love has set me free
My hope will always be, in Your promises to me”

We have felt God moving us into a new season and trusting in His promises for us. So we are stepping out in faith to follow His leading and guidance.

So, with that being said…I will be stepping down from my position at Sun Valley with March 26th (at the East Mesa campus) being my last Sunday. It’s bittersweet for sure, and is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. Our roots are deep, and we have grown to love so many people, and built friendships that will last a lifetime. We believe in Sun Valley, and truly look forward to how God will continue to use this church to help people, meet, know, and follow Jesus. However, we are excited about the future and looking forward to this new season and pursuing new ministry opportunities!

The next big question I’ve been asked is: What’s next? The answer is… I’m not sure. 🙂

I’m exploring some potential new ministry opportunities and we will continue to pray about our next steps. We know that God will provide and open the right doors for us as we pursue Him. As one chapter is closing, we take hope in knowing that another is about ready to be written. Pray for us through this transition and as we figure out our next steps and find a place to land.

For our Sun Valley friends & family, we’d love to see you over the course of the next two weekends! I’ll be leading at the Queen Creek Campus on March 19th and my last Sunday will be, March 26th at the East Mesa Campus.

Thank you all for the support, prayers, and love extended to me personally, and our family during all these years of ministry at Harvest and Sun Valley. We love you all and consider it a joy to have been a part of it.

Much love to you all.

“Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” -Frank Herbert


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