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Worship leaders, when you’re leading people into worship through music, you’ve got their attention for 20 +/- minutes while you’re up there. I know I don’t have to explain the significance of the responsibility you carry. Or the weight that comes with being given the task of leading people into God’s presence. I know we’re all aware of that. But, what I do want to challenge you with is to make the most of the time you’ve got in front of your people.

We can do so much more than to just lead the people to sing the songs we’re playing. So why not really step into leading them? Don’t always be content with just getting on stage and letting the music carry the worship set. Find those strategic moments where you can insert God’s Truth, God’s Word into their hearts. Whether it’s in the middle of a song, or setting up a song, or closing. Whatever. Prepare enough in advance to know what Scriptures you could use at certain points in your set. Think and pray through what you’re going to say before getting up there. The Holy Spirit can move just as much in your preparation as he can on stage in the moment. So why not be prepared on the front end, and then be open to his leading when your up there?

We challenge ourselves in this area a lot. We think through every transition we make in and out of each song. We ask if there needs to be anything said, Scripture read, Scripture quoted, a prayer prayed, or just go directly into the next song. We write those verbal transitions out (whatever they may be, and whenever they may fall in the set), and set them to memory.

And be creative. Actually put thought into what you say. Don’t just settle for an opening, “Welcome to church, stand to your feet and worship with us” every single week. You’ve got their attention for a short amount of time, so make the most of it. Make every one of your words count that you speak from stage. So instead, open with an actual call to worship. Tell them where you’re going that day in worship. Remind them why they are there. Proclaim the works of God to steer their hearts in the right direction. Open up by letting Ps. 8, Ps.48, Ps. 103 direct your words. Sometimes people are showing up with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they need a little help getting focused. That’s your job – that’s why you’re a worship leader. Don’t allow people under your ministry to simply show up and sing songs like they did Friday night at karaoke. God wants to do more there. So speak life into your congregation. Don’t waste the opportunity to lead.

If you’ve attended Elevation before, or joined us online for a worship experience, you know that we aren’t ones to get up there and ramble on either. We don’t misuse our time or platform. Some weeks we may not say much at all from the stage. But I can guarantee that what we did say was thought out and prayed over. And once again, if you’re not sure where to start with your “verbal transitions,” start in the Word of God. Quote it over your people. Read it out loud to them. That won’t let you down.

So that’s my call for you to make the most of every opportunity you have while leading your people. Put more thought into what you say. Please. Your people will appreciate the leadership.

[ht: Elevation Worship Blog]


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  1. When I was leading worship I always felt it was the Worship Leaders job to lead the congregation to the throne room and then get the heck out of the way. John I appreciate how you are open to the Spirit and aren’t afraid to listen and wait to see how the Spirit is going to move. Keep up the good work.

    Appreciate ya, Tim

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