7 Qualities I Believe a Leader Must Have = Pt. 2

Continuing from this post (thanks again Perry)

#5 – Humility

This is a tough one because…well…one cannot actually brag that they are humble!

Too many times in the past I know that this was a quality that was NOT in me! I wanted the credit for all of “my ideas!” If something went right and I was involved–I wanted people to know about it. If an element of service programming went well and it was my idea…I took the credit.

And then one day I had a conversation with John Maxwell that ROCKED MY WORLD…he said to me,

“Perry, you are where you are for two reasons. The first is the favor of God. The second is the giftedness of God. And Perry, please understand that God didn’t owe you either of these. You are where you are because of Him!”

DANG! When it comes right down to it…I don’t have good ideas–God gives them to me. I don’t have the ability to think or act…OR LEAD…unless HE leads me!

John 15:5 is SO true…and I have no right to boast in anything that I feel like I accomplish!

If a leader doesn’t care who gets the credit…but is obsessed with God getting the glory–awesome things can happen!

#6 – Honesty

One of the things the corporate world has seen lately is a lack of integrity…and the lie that “this is my life and how I live it doesn’t really impact anyone else” has been exposed over and over and over again!

As leaders–we’ve got to be honest with…

OURSELVES – how are you doing? Really? Can you keep up the pace you have right now? What changes need to be made?
OTHERS – is everyone around you doing a good job? Is there a tough conversation that needs to be had–but you won’t because you are afraid of the outcome?
GOD – Is life and ministry REALLY “all about Him?”

#7 – Simplicity

I once heard Ed Young say, “If you want to impress me as a leader–don’t tell me what you’re doing, tell me what you’re NOT doing!”


I think a leader who is worth his (or her) salt will admit that they are not good at everything…and as a result they will stop trying to be.

Reality is that everyone of us only do a few things well…and our leadership will be maximized when we focus on what God has gifted us and called us to be rather than what everyone else in the church expects us to be!

I can’t do everything…but I can do something…and the something that I can do…I will do!!!

What is on your plate that you KNOW you aren’t good at? You hate it? Go ahead and admit it because everyone around you already knows it and are probably praying that you will stop it anyway!

That’s about it…oh yeah…if you haven’t read this book by Andy Stanley on point #7–PLEASE–DO IT! Seriously!!! It will set you free!!!

(ht:Perry Noble)


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