Jesus For President

I just began my second book of the year entilted “Jesus For President.” I’m about a quarter of the way through, and enjoying it a lot. It’s a book that explores whether or not we as a nation are more concerened about political power and pride, then we are about truly being a faith-based people. Here’s a quote from the beginning of the book…

This book is a project in renewing the imagination of the church in the United States and of those who would seek to know Jesus. We are seeing more and more tht the church has fallen in love with the stated and that this love affair is killing the church’s imagination. The powerful benefits and temptations of running the world’s largest superpower have bent the church’s identity. Having power at its fingertips, the church often finds “guiding the course of history” a more alluring goal than following the crucified Christ. Too often the patriotic values of pride and strength triumph over the spiritual values of humility, gentleness, and sacrificial love.

Time for me to read some more.


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