A Worship Leader Should Be a Tour Guide

A worship leader should be like a Tour Guide.. not a Travel Agent.

Let’s look first at the Travel Agent.

A Travel Agent is usually a person who is sitting in an office behind a computer desk looking at cool places to travel. In general, Travel Agents give advice on destinations. They also might make arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodations, and tours. But.. Travel Agents don’t take you there. Most Travel Agents haven’t actually been to these destinations they talk about and find information about. Their job is to just show you where to go.

Now let’s look at a Tour Guide.

A Tour Guide is normally the person that leads you to your destination. They usually know all about the places that are at your destinations. They know all this because they’ve been there before. They’ve experienced what you are about to. The biggest difference between a Travel Agent and a Tour Guide.. is that a Tour Guide has been, and is, where you are and the Travel Agent isn’t.

Think of it like this. The Travel Agent can tell you where Mt. Everest is, but the Tour Guide takes you there, and is there with you. And while your there, he understands that even though he’s taken you on this tour, the tour isn’t about him. It’s about the experience and the destination. So when you get there he steps out of the way so you can take pictures, look around, and experience the feel of the massive mountain.

I want to be a Worship Leader that is like a Tour Guide and not a Travel Agent.

I want to lead people to where I’ve been. I want people to experience what I’ve experienced. I want to lead people into the presence of God, then step out of the way and let them see His glory.

I want to be a Tour Guide.


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  1. Good point man. My only concern is that tour guides are in the business of promoting an experience and worship must be more than an experience or it will produce no fruit. The experience can lead us to an even deeper place but an experience itself is empty.

  2. Oh man dude…great post…

    Tyler…great point…biggest issue with worship is people want a warm and fuzzy feeling or a life changing experience everytime.

    We worship because he is worthy of our praise…and that is it.

  3. Thanks Tam.

    Hey Tyler, I understand that there’s more to worship than an experience. I was merely using an analogy. I think to many times we try and take people to the throne room before we’ve been there ourselves.

    Joel, you are right man. It’s our responsibility to help people understand.

  4. Jon,
    Yeah, I’m down bro.
    I heard a guy (wish I remember who) at a semnars4worship conference say, “Your relationship with the Father is your credentials to be on stage.” It’s the same notion that you can lead where you haven’t been.

    I’m also going to echo, “It’s not all about experience.” Right on Joel.

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