Worship Leader Essentials #2

To become a successful Worship Leader…

You have to have Commitment.

What do you have to be committed to you ask? Well, there are several things that we can cover about commitment, but right now I want to look at one. Commitment to Leading Worship and Growing.

It’s a process.

Being committed to Leading Worship is a process. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

I remember when I started leading worship eight years ago (on a somewhat, kind of, regular basis.. at least I thought so). I thought I was ready for a full-time, paid position after leading worship for a bunch of high school kids at a small youth event. I thought I was ready to go big-time. With that being said, I had never led anywhere weekly. I had never led consistently with adults. And I had never gotten paid to do it. I never had any huge worship responsibilities. But.. I was ready to be a Worship Leader full-time and get paid for it. Not quite.

I learned quickly from some great worship mentors that I had around me, that it’s a process. They saw the giftedness that I had, but new that I needed time to hone my skills. I needed time to learn.. to be creative.

I wanted to go from 1st base to 3rd base without going to second. I wanted to get to the 4th quarter without going through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I learned that as passionate as I was about leading worship, and as much experience as I THOUGHT I had, that I needed to have more. How could I expect to have a full-time position if I’m not even leading worship at my own church more than once a month? I came to the conclusion that I needed to go through a process if I was to become the best I could.

What is the process? It’s not the same for everyone. And it’s a continual process. We never arrive. And I know there are exceptions to the rule. But the people that I know who are gifted as Worship Leaders went through a process similar to mine. In a nutshell (this is the process that I went through when I got my first full-time worship gig)

  • Playing once a month on the adult worship team.
  • Playing once a month on the adult worship team and leading worship in the Youth Ministry.
  • Playing twice a month on the adult worship team and leading worship in the Youth Ministry.
  • Playing twice a month on the adult worship team. Leading and Organizing the Youth Worship Ministry.
  • Leading once every six weeks on the adult worship team and completely doing everything Youth Worship Ministry.
  • Leading once a month on the adult worship ministry team and overseeing Youth Worship and mentoring youth worship leaders.
  • Hired as the Assistant Worship Leader, leading in the adult worship ministry two weekends a month.
  • Interim Worship Pastor.
  • Worship Pastor.

So.. those were some of my steps. For some people there might be less and for some there might be more. But most go through a process.

I could expound on each of those. When I started I was given a little. Over time as I showed my commitment, more was given. Then more. As I was given a little more each time, I was gaining experience. I was learning. I was getting better. Even when I look at those bullet points now, there’s no way that I could’ve gone from just playing once a month on my worship team, to leading five services every weekend and running a whole ministry.

But.. I thought I could once upon a time.

It’s a process. Take every opportunity you can. Lead everywhere you can. Whether you get paid or not. Whether it’s an interim position or not. Whether it’s full-time or part-time. Take it. Be a learner. Be committed.


(Worship Leader Essentials #1)


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