Are you a Renegade?


I picked up this book today and it looks to be a good one.  Here’s some excerpts from it:

          "A renegade is a live wire, someone who gets up with a positive outlook every day.  They savor the moments by understanding that every breath is a miracle, every sandwich is like manna, and every person met is a priority.  It doesn’t mean they don’t get down, it doesn’t mean they don’t go through hard times of hurt and pain, but they are resilient and resourceful.  Give them enough time and opportunity and they’ll find a way to make life great.  They choose to live-not lose.  They are winners, not whiners.  They are truth-seekers, not agenda pushers.

Renegades are mavericks.  We don’t necessarily mean to be, but we have a low B.S. quotient.  As such, we resist second-hand faith and hand-me-down rules.  Orphaned obligations feel as distant and plastic as disco.  Second-hand faith, second-hand experiences, second-hand rules chafe at the soul and spirit of the renegade on the road to real.

At the core of the renegade spirit is an insatiable curiosity.  They want to know why things are the way they are.  We ask a lot of questions.  That’s why for us, rule-based religion is a stodgy, staid, and provincial way to live.  Renegades surmise if God can be known, it should be through a relationship, not through a set of rules, which do not relate to real life in the real world.

If there is one all-inclusive characteristic, which captures the spirit of the Renegade, it’s the desire to be real.  We want to be aligned with people who are real.  We want to invest our lives into issues that matter, endure, and will prevail in the end when everything else melts away."


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