The Fray on Christian Music

Remember that conversation we started a few of months ago on music for weekend services? In light of that dialogue, I found the article about The Fray in the September/October issue of Relevant Magazine to be pretty intriguing. Here’s what Ben Wysocki had to say about Christian music:

"As Christians, we set out to make really honest art that is
relatable and understandable for people, regardless of their religious
orientation or faith background. Isaac grew up writing Christian songs
in a Christian language about Christian themes and Bible verses, and
then he started making friends who weren’t Christians, and they
couldn’t understand what he was singing about. They couldn’t relate to
it. We wanted to steer clear of those labels and a lot of baggage and
make art in a way that can relate to Christians and non-Christians."

Wysocki continued, "I think we’re called to make music for more than
just the Church and to make music for the unchurched people and
hopefully speak a bit of life into them."

What do you think? Should Christ-followers use music to "speak a bit
of life" into those that are unchurched? And, is it acceptable to use
that type of music in church services? In case you’re wondering…I do.

[ht: Spitbox & Tony Morgan]

note:  I absolutely agree with this.  I think that any kind of music that speaks truth, no matter the label (christian or secular) could be used.


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